12 August 2011

Having fun in TN

After a few weeks of rest and missed work, I finally turned the corner with a prescription of anti-biotics. It seems to be helping, I'm now back at work and hanging in there, as far as fatigue is concerned. I will be on Doxicycline for a month to six weeks.

In the mean time, we have started our home-school year and continue visiting with friends and family. Having lived in Nashville in the past, it is not too exciting as far as our expectations are concerned. We have visited the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Shelby Bottoms Nature Center, and spent some time riding our bikes on the Nashville Greenways.

One of the areas we really enjoy is historical east Nashville, this area is beginning to see redevelopment in the older homes and businesses. Many of the young entrepreneurs are seeking out this area to live a more simple life undefined by the showy homes and strip shopping malls. For instance, one of the places we visited for a quick breakfast  was a little bakery run out of a house. Actually, two businesses were operating there. We had a gluten free pumpkin-chocolate chip muffin. I know it may sound like an odd combination, but I promise it was delicious. In addition, we purchased some local chocolate from the business operating in the next room. The guy working the shop was the owner. We spoke for a while, and discovered that he also lives upstairs with his wife a young son. Pretty cool.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the nature center and took a class on bees. It was interesting and the girls got to sample some bee pollen jello. After the nature center, we visited a local pizza place, and you guessed it, ordered a gluten free pizza. It was good too, no really it was:) In addition, we had dairy free cheese on top with veggies.

Most people do not eat like this, and I can completely understand. However, more and more consumers are going to a gluten free, dairy free diet. We were forced to a year ago due to the illness our oldest daughter was experiencing. Later on, it became evident after being on the diet that we all could benefit from the change. I made the change to share the experience with my oldest daughter, primarily so that she would not have to endure the change alone. Our youngest daughter and Dalra pretty much continued to eat "normal" foods. Over time, we all transitioned over to a more healthy diet and stayed with it.

We now eat lots of organic fruits and veggies, gluten free cookies, pasta, cakes, brownies, pancakes, etc. All our meat products are hormone free, eggs  are cage free/hormone free. We take way too many supplements, but necessary. Drink detox smoothies and use only goat or unsweetened almond milk. I realize this isn't everyone's idea of what they would like to survive on. But I can't express how grateful we are that we discovered the right people at the right time to give us direction in nutritional support for our daughter. I know without a doubt it saved her from serious illness.

Visiting Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

View of the inside of the Opryland Hotel

Inside the Opryland Hotel

View of eastern LA after takeoff, fog rolling in

We are still planning to leave Nashville on the 21st to reach northern Indiana on the 22nd for a warranty appointment with Jayco. We are researching some things to do in the area. I know this is Amish country, so that may play a part in our decision in what we will see and do. Have a great weekend!