25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Garrison Family. The last several days have been a wonderful time of rest and relaxation. The weather has been very cool and rainy here in Texas. On Christmas eve, the girls and I headed over to Fredericksburg to do a little ice skating.

Having been born and raised for a good portion of my childhood in Texas, I had never visited the little town of Fredericksburg. I really enjoyed our time there and we plan to revisit the town on New Years eve.

We attended a very nice Christmas eve service at Anhalt Hall in Spring Branch, TX. The service was hosted by Riverside Community. Incidentally, the little coffee shop we discovered the other day is a non profit outreach for the church. The proceeds help various organizations and is a way to give back to the community and abroad. I guess that explains why we felt so drawn to the place.

As is the case every Christmas eve, we are up late and rise early. After a full day of ice skating, a Christmas eve service and several holiday movies, the girls were tired and ready for bed.

Today was a rather lazy day at the campground, Darla prepared many of the traditional dishes that have been handed down over the generations and are dutifully prepared to precision each holiday.

We have a busy day for tomorrow, headed into Houston for a visit with my side of the family. So we will get more posted in the coming days.

Hope everyone has a safe a Merry Christmas..............

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