06 July 2011


Packing is not fun, we have been at it since we arrived on June 23rd; actually Darla has been packing since we arrived. I had to head off to work criss-crossing the good ol' USA. After several trips west and two red-eyes, I was not much help until July 1 when I returned. I have two weeks off before resuming work and "we" have been hard at it.

We lucked out and got a climate controlled storage unit near our home for a fantastic monthly rate. They were full and had no space when we made the inquiry, however they suggested we keep checking with them in case something became available. Well, something did become available and Darla snagged it within the hour and voila, we had a place to put our stuff.

Over the past several years, we have purged much of our stuff. Darla does not seem to mind stuff, me not so much. So while she was not paying attention, I got rid of a lot of stuff. Two years ago we planned on hitting the road, as we battled through some medical complications in our family, we put everything on hold. In the meantime, we had several garage sales, and donated a lot of stuff to the Real Life Center. We have served there some in the past and really like their mission. Also, we have sold some furniture on Craigs List. As a matter of  fact, I am expecting a possible buyer to stop by this afternoon to look at and hopefully purchase an armoire we have for sale.

As we began to move things to storage, it was our intention to just move a few light items on our 4x8 utility trailer. Before we knew it, we had moved our entire house into a 10x20 storage unit. Yes, a 2500 sq ft  house packed in a 200 sq ft storage unit. Not bad.

This move has been relatively smooth considering that we are doing this all ourselves. When we moved here 4 years ago, we had professional movers come in and pack everything and move it 300 miles to our new home. When I say pack, I mean they came in and packed, wrapped  and loaded all our belongings into boxes and moved us. It was a company paid move, and it was very nice. Now our days are long and we are tired by the end of the day.

A friend of ours has been house sitting in the neighborhood with her son and has entertained the girls with lots of fun activities. They have been swimming everyday, hiking, and fishing. This morning they awoke early and headed over to another friends house for more swimming. It has been a nice blessing that they have been able to stay busy, and not have to endure the packing and many trips to the storage unit. Although on Saturday they were a big help and enjoyed riding the moving cart around the storage facility.

I anticipate being finished in the next few days so we can have a couple of days to wind down and relax before we leave on the road. I have a busy second half of the month and will be flying, Darla and the girls will attend a birthday party for a very good friend and then travel to visit family.

We had a great July 4th and attended the morning parade and bar b que and fireworks at our church. The city we live in has been voted as one of the most patriotic cities in America, according to USA Today. Thousands of golf carts arrive on a section of street that hosts the parade. It is competitive, many of the parade watchers grab their spot a day or two in advance by placing a tarp or blanket on the ground. Same goes for the fire works. It really is a great time and the girls just love it.

Hope your 4th was a safe and enjoyable one.

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