19 July 2011

It's done!

Packing up stuff is a bummer. We finished on Friday the 15th. I was working so Darla had to finish up with having the carpets cleaned and shoving the remaining items that kept popping up into our shrinking storage space. We sold some things, gave away some things and donated a lot to the Goodwill and Well Spring Ministries.

Saturday was a monster of a day. I had to fly out of New York to San Juan and then to Atlanta, Ga. Nearly eight hours of actual flight time. Once I got on the ground, Darla and the girls picked me up at the airport. We promptly  headed over to the motorhome so I could change clothes and run a few quick errands.

We had to transport a trailer full of stuff to Nashville that we were giving away, returning or storing. Two of the items were a washer/dryer and patio furniture that belonged to her mom.

Darla said it looked as if we were taking a washer and dryer and patio furniture with us on the road. It did look a bit amusing, should have taken a photo:)

With one last stop to get our bicycles from the other side of town, we hit the road at 9pm. We made it to north Georgia and parked for the night at a Flying J. We have used this particular spot several times when coming and going late at night on our road trips. It's usually quite full, however we were lucky enough to find a nice spot and open one of the slides.

The next morning we got a late start and made the drive to Nashville, TN where we will spend the next month relaxing and setting up the rv for a more full-time basis. Once we arrived, we unloaded all the items we brought on the trailer and got the rv parked.

We did catch the overtime of the women's soccer match, what a heart wrenching loss for the US. Congratulations Japan.

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