21 May 2011

Sunny Breezy Florida

The weather is perfect. Sunny and 84 degrees with just a slight breeze. Got a late start on Thursday and drove until 1am and finally called it quits. We pulled into the only place available in some small town located in southern GA. Occasionally, things are not perfectly planned out in advance, this was one of those times:) Being flexible is a must when traveling in an RV.

We parked at the Days Inn "truck" lot. I am not sure we were technically supposed to stay in our RV parked outside their inn, but in this case, we took the position of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. All went well........

Days Inn Truck Parking (somewhere in GA) 2011

But the rewards are worth it, we found a little place about half a mile from the ocean for 50% off using our Passport America membership. For about forty bucks a year, this membership provides significant savings when choosing a place to stay. 

Our decision making goes something like this, COE's, SP's, NP's, Passport America locations. These facilities usually come in under $25 per night. Our current stay is $17 per night.

Mexico Beach, FL 2011

Flying a Kite Mexico Beach, FL 2011

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